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A session can be booked at any time between 8 in the morning to 8 in the evening, Monday to Friday. The normal opening times are from 9.00 to 18.00, so if you want to book for an earlier or later time please do so during the normal hours.

We kindly ask to collaborate and leave your number on the answering machine: we maybe assisting another client. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

We have a 24 hours cancellation policy. If you cancel later than that, your session will be charged.

Buying a sessioncard entitles you to your own timeslot. You can choose an available time and make it your hour same day and time every week.

You only need comfortable training clothes (not too baggy, long trousers required!) and SOCKS.

Pricelist 2011

1st time 40,- €
1 private session 70,- €
5 sessions card 230,- €
12 sessions card 520,- €
Meridian Workout 80,- €
Full Chair Session 70,- €
Cadillac Session 70,- €

Meridian Training
The focus of Meridian exercises and stretches is unique for most people. For example, in most exercise regimens, the emphasis is placed on getting the form right and working on specific muscles, tendons and joints.

The exercisers attention then naturally become focused on just those body parts involved, since all the movements are made willfully.
Meridian-imagery exercises/ stretches also require the individual to exert conscious control to get the body into each position.Once the position is reached, however the primary objective is to let go and experience and observe what is going on in the body. Meridian exercise are not about copying the outward form of the exercise and should not be viewed or done as a way of stretching and limbering the muscles and joints.Instead , the exercise should be performed and experienced as an act of extending the energy with the the exerciser.

Note about group sessions with matwork.
Joseph Pilates seldom gave group session, and did so outside the studio, as a demonstration of his method or to groups already acquainted with the method-like dancers. Also just doing the method, though still beneficial, does limit greatly the benefits of the sessions and the speed in which those benefits are acquired.

Anyone with a particular condition (lower back pain, hernias, bad knees or hips, etc) that wishes to start pilates will actually find the mat exercises much more difficult. Even lying down on mat is a problem. Equipment (including the raised mat) allows the client to exercise not only better, but also much safer. But perhaps most important is the care and attention needed is simply not possible in a group session, and to be honest the trainers limit themselves to calling the exercises aloud. same exercises for everyone regardless of condition and/or ability. Most often than not, clients learn how to do an exercise well when their own corrections are given to them and very seldom one suggestion makes everyone do the the exercise well.

Giving group sessions would certainly improve our profits, but not necessarily yours!
Many have profited from either teaching groups or selling books videos about the matwork, but there are so many more pieces of equipment and 100s of exercises. In fact most books, videos and groupteachers don't even cover half of the mat exercises and sadly they also refuse to let one know about it.